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vokaria's Journal
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Saturday, January 28th, 2012
7:58 pm
Light your house with tomatoes: LED lighting on the cheap.
The price of 3 Wt blue and red LEDs (as well as all the others) finally came down enough for an average penniless bum to be able to grow his tomatoes in the cold of the winter.
Prudently, before ordering some from an exotic faraway country, i decided to work out a battle plan. Years back, a trip to a library or a book store would be needed, not so much today, a laptop with an access to the world does the trick. I did not even have to open an electronics reference book (if i had one).
I have to mention that i did build some plant lights last year, or two years ago, using 10 mm red - blue LEDs (why red and blue and all such details, i am not going into, there are a much better informed sources of information)

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